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Optimized code for efficient programming.
EXO is an advanced AI-powered software developed to increase the speed and efficiency of code creation and refinement for programmers. It is a virtual exoskeleton that caters to the requirements of programmers who aim to improve their coding skills. This tool utilizes AI technology to generate and optimize code automatically, making coding more effective and efficient.

The tool has three pricing plans: Free Plan, Own API Key Plan, and Pro Plan, each designed to meet the needs and budget of different users. The Free Plan includes $10 of Open AI credits, giving users a chance to try out the tool without any financial commitment. The Own API Key Plan is perfect for users with their own Open AI API key as it enables them to use the tool without incurring additional costs.

On the other hand, the Pro Plan is suitable for users who need unlimited API calls. Although no specific pricing information is provided, users can sign up on the platform using their Google, GitHub, or LinkedIn accounts to access the tool and explore its functionalities available from their dashboard.

In summary, EXO is a cutting-edge AI-based tool that aims to enhance the coding process for programmers. Its various pricing plans are tailored to cater to different needs and budgets, enabling users to streamline their coding workflow and save time.



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Published April 13, 2023
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